Kitchen Styles

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Kitchen styles can tell a lot about the personality of those living in the property and using the space. They can also be used to attract and appeal to specific kinds of buyers.

There are many kitchen designs to choose from. Since a kitchen renovation is a significant investment, it is important to choose the right style for you and your property. ecocabinets will work with you to identify a style that works with a range of factors including personal style, type of home, lifestyle, and available space.

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Choosing Kitchen Designs

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, you may like to research different styles. ecocabinets can also provide ideas and guidance for inspiration. Some of the most popular kitchen styles you may like to consider include:

  • Contemporary – A contemporary kitchen features modern cooking equipment, open spaces for guests, and streamlined design. Cabinets are typically refined and many of them don’t feature any hardware.
  • Traditional – This type of kitchen typically has more detailed features, and may include panelled cabinetry doors, and mouldings. Some traditional kitchens have more formal designs that you might find in a period home or French country house. They often feature timber and old style tapware and fixtures like farmhouse sinks.
  • Minimalist – Less is more in a minimalist kitchen. The design is uncluttered with no unnecessary details. The colour palette is often monochromatic and every space is optimised for storage.
  • Industrial – An industrial kitchen uses raw materials such as concrete, wood, steel, and metal. Some of its features include exposed brick walls and steel surfaces. It is ideal for people looking for a modern look that’s affordable and practical.
  • Classic – Classic kitchen designs usually have cream or white cabinets with sharp details. It has a clean look that you can personalise with decorative items, such as fixtures, furniture and lighting.
  • Eclectic – This is a combination of different kitchen styles mixed together. It is ideal for homeowners with unique styles. You can mix and match the different designs that you like, taking ideas from various kitchen styles and combine them.

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