Bathroom Styles

There are many bathroom styles to choose from these days, each with their own unique design features that allow you to create a bathroom specific to your property, needs and personal taste.

Since bathrooms are a significant investment it’s a good idea to understand the different bathroom styles before you commit to a specific design.

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Choosing Bathroom Designs

The good news is that with the right design, fittings and cabinetry you can make any bathroom style your own, with options for any budget.

Here are a few bathroom styles to think about:

  • Traditional – A traditional bathroom style is a great choice for heritage or historical properties. Traditional bathrooms often feature timber cabinetry. Popular tile choices include subway tiles often laid in a herringbone pattern as well as traditional black and white tile designs. Fixtures may include brass or gold tapware, above counter sinks and showers with exposed pipe fittings. Another trademark feature of many traditional bathrooms are freestanding, claw-feet baths.
  • Natural – Natural or organic look bathrooms have a warm, welcoming vibe created with natural materials and surfaces like timber, matte tiles, and stone. Often the cabinetry will feature timber with a tactile or eye-catching wood grain. Bamboo is another type of wood that can be found in a natural look bathroom. The furnishings are often fluid, without severe edges. This bathroom style cleverly balances a sense of warmth with a feeling of light and airiness.
  • Luxurious – Luxurious bathroom styles have a sense of grandeur about them. They are often grand in style or are designed in a way to make the most of the space and give it a sense of scale. Dark colours and metallic accents often can create a luxe look along with gold, bronze or copper tapware. Statement pieces like pendant lights, double sinks and showers, and rain shower heads can also ramp up the luxe factor. Wallpaper can even be used to create a focal point in your luxe bathroom.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary bathroom styles are usually known for their clean and minimalist lines. Geometric shapes often feature in tile work and while lots of storage is a must in any bathroom, a contemporary bathroom will have the storage tucked away cleverly to maintain a streamlined look. Since contemporary bathrooms are based on a sleek and simple style they are often a great choice for smaller spaces.

If your preferred bathroom style hasn’t been mentioned, there’s no need to worry. Our expert design team at ecocabinets will work with you to design your dream bathroom entirely customised to your needs.

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