Traditional Kitchen

A traditional kitchen is often associated with being timeless and incorporates classic design features, embellishments, craftsmanship, and intricate details.  

Despite the rise of minimalist and contemporary designs, traditional kitchen designs are still a popular choice among Australian homeowners today. The basic palette and elegant design scheme result in a beautiful space that doesn’t typically date. They are also the perfect choice for period or heritage style homes.

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What Makes a Traditional Kitchen?

Here are some of the elements of traditional kitchen design:

  • Architectural details. A traditionally-styled kitchen may feature architectural details like custom hood surrounds, raised-panel cabinets, and even custom island legs. A traditional kitchen may incorporate these details in the fixtures with a farmhouse sink and vintage-look tapware.
  • Neutral colour palette. A traditional kitchen usually features a classic colour palette that uses cool and warm neutrals, such as white, black and cream.
  • Decorative cabinet door inserts. In traditional interior design, there’s no limit to the ideas and materials used. For instance, you can incorporate antique glass with timber surrounds or metal mesh inserts for a traditional look. Shaker style cabinets are also a popular choice for traditional-looking kitchens.
  • Natural materials. Traditional kitchens usually mix and match natural materials such as stone, ceramic and timber for a more comfortable layered look. Imperfections in antique-style materials can provide more interest to a traditional kitchen design.
  • Unique light fixtures. A traditional kitchen may feature ornate lighting over the top top of the island, even a chandelier which is aesthetically beautiful, yet functional.
  • Accent tiles. A traditional design may have a tile design that’s the focal point of the room. Subway tiles are a popular choice for traditional kitchen designs. These days they are available in many different sizes, colours and finishes.
  • Decorative mouldings. Some traditional kitchen designs call for more ornamentation such as carved brackets and timber fretwork. You can also apply moulding between cabinets.
  • Luxury countertops. Traditional countertops usually have a marble or stone look. They may be made of granite or quartz or a product that gives the same look and feel.

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