Bathroom Renovations in Perth by ecocabinets

Give your bathroom a complete bathroom renovation. Whether you’re after a small bathroom renovation or a modern stylish makeover, a clever use of limited space, intelligent design and creative thinking, will turn your new bathroom idea into a functional and luxurious space your family will enjoy for many years to come. The process starts with a personalised consultation, followed by a fully detailed 3D virtual design, and completed with the fabrication and construction of your desired bathroom retreat.

Personalised Consultation

Our passionate and professional Perth-based bathroom designers will meet with you to have a comprehensive consultation with the aim of bringing your vision, style and desired layout for a new bathroom to life. Everything will be thoughtfully considered and carefully planned with you, including latest watersaving technologies, the convenience you are able to achieve with cutting edge bowls and cisterns and entertainment options (yes indeed, you read right) now available.

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Custom Bathroom Renovations Brought to Life

At ecocabinets we keep informed about the latest developments and technology. We enjoy the challenge that comes from designing the wet area with you and we have knowledge and interest in materials that are outside the conventional. This then results in the “bathroom re-imagined” with touches of YOU throughout and convenience writ large. We will use our cutting edge 3D technology to create a virtual model of your new design to help you visualise the final results, and allow you to add tweaks and final touches.

Bathroom Renovation Begins

Once you’ve approved the new bathroom design, we’ll conduct a final review to make sure all the technical and visual details are spot-on, and the renovation of your functional and luxurious new bathroom can begin. This ensures the talented and professional installers we work with are able to install your new environmentally friendly materials with the most accurate picture of the job available, ensuring a seamless installation process that delivers the impeccable results you want to see.

Our Process

Modern and stylish bathroom renovations

Every aspect of your new bathroom renovation will be constructed with care and expert guidance. We source the best materials from trusted Perth suppliers that share our passion and vision in eco-friendly, quality fabrication processes. We also consult and organise stonemasons, tilers, painters, electricians, plumbers, glassers and more to manage the entire process end-to-end which leaves you to simply enjoy the results.

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