Custom Bathroom Design

If there is one area of the home that has undergone radical changes in the past few years, it is the bathroom. From the dingy little room squeezed somewhere into a corner of the house, it has evolved into a well lit, high design concept area where we can retreat and indulge our wish to lead a healthier, more relaxed life, sheltered from the incessant pressures of everyday living.

At ecocabinets we keep informed about the latest developments and technology in bathroom design. We enjoy the challenge that comes from designing bathrooms with you and we have knowledge and interest in materials that are outside the conventional. This then results in the “”bathroom re-imagined”” with touches of YOU throughout and convenience writ large.

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Quality End to End Bathroom Renovations

We also provide high quality end-to-end bathroom renovations designed specifically for you and your tastes. Sourcing high quality and eco-friendly cabinetry we can ensure your bathroom design is modern and stylish, and we ensure the design is fit for your bathroom, big or small.

Contact us to discover the latest watersaving technologies, the convenience you are able to achieve with cutting edge bowls and cisterns and the entertainment options (yes indeed, you read right) now available. 

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