Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are typically known for their minimalist and sleek features. Many contemporary designs incorporate white countertops, stainless steel appliances, and dark cabinetry but the options are endless.

The best contemporary kitchens are both functional and artistic in nature. When designing your kitchen, make sure the design helps you keep your countertop clutter to a minimum. You should also consider keeping appliances and accessories in storage spaces or tucked away to create that minimalist look.

Contemporary kitchens often include a sleek looking kitchen island with stools made from chrome or other metallic finish. Flooring for this look is often simple, consisting of concrete or large format tiles.

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Elements of Contemporary Kitchens

The beauty of contemporary kitchens is found in their geometric forms, function, and clean lines. Here are some of the elements to consider when designing a contemporary-style kitchen:

  • Horizontal Lines. The contemporary design focuses on linear harmony. You’ll see horizontal lines used in the layout of counters and cabinets, flooring, tile accents, and backsplash. It is important to align the placement and positioning of all the design elements of the kitchen.
  • Overlay Cabinets. Overlay cabinets are important elements of a contemporary-style kitchen. They make the layout of the space appear seamless. Popular shaker-style and slab front cabinet doors both have simple lines that complement other aspects of contemporary design.
  • Simple Hardware. Most contemporary kitchens have bar-shaped hardware. Choose simple and sleek hardware made of brushed nickel, chrome, or stainless steel. Black is also a popular choice for hardware in contemporary kitchens. It is important to find hardware that maintains the minimalist look of the space. Cabinetry can also be designed to work without the need for handles.
  • Geometric Forms. Simple geometric designs can turn a dull space into an interesting one. You can use geometric shapes in display niches, lamps, ceramic vases, fabrics, cabinets, angled windows, and other parts of the room.
  • When looking for appliances for your contemporary kitchen, choose models with a stainless-steel finish or that can be integrated into the cabinetry. You can complement the modern look of the space with appliances with futuristic control panels. Some appliances can also provide geometric accents to the room, such as an arched hood.

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