Sustainable & Zero Emission

Are you worried about the chemicals off-gassing from the various surfaces and cabinet boxes you are about to install? Are you concerned about where the raw materials for your next kitchen are coming from and how the manufacture of those is done? Do you care that the workers are able to earn a living wage? Well, so are we at ecocabinets. To this end and because it is actually one of our articles of faith rather than a marketing gimmick, we aim to keep up to date with the latest developments and materials available in the local market as well as interstate.

So at ecocabinets we understand your desire to source:

  • zero emission boards
  • waterbased paints, glues and sealants
  • low VOC components
  • chain of custody panels
  • FSC (forest stewardship council) certified materials
  • F 4 star board.
  • recycled timbers
  • recyclable componentry
  • informed recommendations of what to use and what to avoid

Well that’s easy, ecocabinets is merely a call away. Contact us today.

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