Personalised consultation

Your exclusive and unique design requires us to work hand in glove with you to achieve the desired outcomes, avoiding unnecessary delays and misunderstandings. ecocabinets, being local, having established relationships with suppliers and tradespeople and keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology, gives you peace of mind and the knowledge of speedy action, precise fabrication, seamless installation and liaison with all and sundry.

Our professional designer will visit you in your home or establishment. This ensures that the designer understands your vision and takes your preferences into account when designing your one-off dream project. After measuring and surveying the site, ecocabinets will develop an intial design.

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Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and desires, the creating of your project can begin in earnest. All the required elements for a successful design are taken into account: your vision; layout restrictions; rules and laws governing cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, construction; and, of course, a bit of artistic flair. There are many more aspects, like clever storage solutions, hidden waste management solutions etc which we can incorporate thus achieving a design that is as functional as it is beautiful. Using the latest 3D technology we will create a virtual walk through.

Project specification and design finalisation

The exciting process of putting the details into your vision can begin. We will invite you to our office or meet at your place. We will present and discuss the design, refine following your feedback, aid you in your choice of colours, surfaces and materials and then present you with a quote based on the work required.

Why Choose Us

Custom manufacture

Once the design is approved we will review all technical details, including a final site measure. Now manufacture of your zero emission cabinetry begins. We use only cabinet makers of the highest standard using computer controlled cnc router precision cutting, highly trained staff assembling in workshops and painting/glueing booths with excellent ventilation and industry standard safety. And there are moves towards lessening the impact of these workshops by installing a solar panel array, adding to the palette of waterbased paints and glues, separating waste streams and using gray water wherever possible. Thus your ecocabinets aren’t just “environmentally friendly” in your place, but more and more from cradle to recycling plant.

Sustainable & Zero Emission


We supply detailed plans for all the projects. This gives you the option of organising and engaging your own trades and getting your site prepared, including any necessary structural alterations, or, if you prefer, you may engage ecocabinets to handle your project management. We will then take care of all liaison with your or our trades. This gives you peace of mind and minimises the disruption to your daily life.

It is now time to install your cabinetry. It is difficult to overemphasise the importance of caring professional installer/s to the successful completion of this process. We aim to use only the companies that we have come to trust completely, following feedback from you, the customers, mentioning how warm, friendly and conscientious our installers prove themselves to be. And the results speak for themselves!

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