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Philippe Signer is a qualified industrial designer and professional chef, who works closely with clients to create custom designs that reflect both their practical requirements and their personal tastes in interior design. As passionate about the environment as he is about kitchens and bathrooms, Philippe uses only the highest quality materials in his designs, all of which come from sustainable sources. Whether tackling new builds or kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth, Philippe and his team focus on creating beautiful yet highly functional spaces, working within the budgets specified by individual customers.

55_-ecocabinetsA Unique Approach From a Unique Design Team

Whether you hire the team at Ecocabinets to design and build a completely new kitchen for you or just to supply custom design cabinets in Perth, you can look forward to a collaborative process in which you are fully involved throughout all of the important stages. Without a clear understanding of how you plan to use the space in question, it would not be possible for us to ensure that it meets all of your needs perfectly. It is for this reason that we take the time to go over all the details at the design stage and to ask for your approval before making any changes to the initial plans. We want to make absolutely sure that your new kitchen or bathroom is everything you ever dreamed it would be and that you derive great pleasure from it for many years to come.

Once we have produced a design that takes all of your practical requirements and aesthetic preferences into account, we will go over the plans in detail during a meeting with you, either at your home or at our showroom. It is at this stage that all the materials to be used will be specified, along with the colours for all fixtures and fittings, tiled areas, and painted surfaces. By taking a little more time at the design and planning stages, we are able to avoid any misunderstandings that might otherwise cause unnecessary delays during the build and installation phases.

Beautiful Kitchens Cabinets at Affordable Prices

41_-ecocabinetsGiven an unlimited budget, it is relatively easy for an experienced interior-design specialist to create the perfect kitchen, with top-of-the-range appliances and designer kitchen cabinets in Perth. What separates the good from the great is the ability to design dream spaces on a budget and this is just one of the key areas in which Philippe and his team excel. When you ask us to design and build a new space in your home, the first thing we will ascertain is how much money you wish to spend. Armed with this information, we can work with you to produce a design that includes all the features you want, without exceeding your budget. If you are simply replacing existing cabinets with some of our custom kitchen cabinets in Perth, we can suggest material choices that will meet all of your requirements at a very affordable price.

If money is no object, we will, of course, be delighted to help you put together a design for a new kitchen or bathroom that exceeds your wildest expectations but for most people, money is a key factor to consider when renovating or building a new home and our experience will help to ensure you do not overspend.

Our Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to homeowners in and around the city, including all of the following.

  • Custom Kitchen Designs – With a talented chef heading the design team, you can understand why our work in this particular field is such a key part of our daily business. Many residents in and around the city have already benefited from our expertise with kitchen renovations in Perth and we continue to offer what we consider to be the best design, build, and installation services in Western Australia for people who wish to reinvent the most important room in their home. We also work on new builds so if you are buying a brand new home and would like a custom-designed kitchen, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Custom Bathroom Designs & Custom Wardrobe Designs – While we may be best known for our Perth kitchen renovations, we also have a great deal of experience with custom bathroom design and custom wardrobe renovation work. Whether you are moving into a new house or contemplating upgrading the bathroom in your existing home, we can create a space in which you will genuinely enjoy spending time in the mornings and at the end of a long and busy day.

  • Zero Emission / Sustainable Products and Services – We know that many homeowners in the city share our concern for the environment and we are more than happy to help you create a new kitchen or bathroom that has a minimal impact on the natural world. Zero emission boards, low VOC components, water-based paints & glues, recycled timber, and recycled fixtures & fittings are just some of the products we use to create eco-friendly spaces in modern homes. When we produce cabinets by design in Perth, and all the other key components of a fully fitted kitchen, we do so with an eye to the future, using responsible design, fabrication, and installation practices.

  • Independent / Assisted Living Designs – We have a great deal of experience in creating beautiful spaces that enable people with physical disabilities to lead independent lives. Working with ILC and OSH specialists, we design kitchens and bathrooms that can be safely negotiated, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable home life.

  • Project Management – While we often supply kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Perth to customers who wish to handle the renovation work themselves, we also offer a full project management service, which is ideal for homeowners who do not want to organise electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, plasterers and other tradespeople when tackling home improvement projects.

Whatever your needs, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Philippe Signer – Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

The only cookie cutter you’ll find in an ecocabinets kitchen is in the utensils drawer. ecocabinets founder, Philippe Signer, a qualified Industrial Designer and Chef, will work closely with you to create carefully considered custom designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle. He’s as passionate about the environment as good design and uses sustainable practices and materials. New build or renovation, Philippe will work within your budget to create a space that is absolutely, positively, stunningly YOU.

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