Industrial Style Kitchen

An industrial style kitchen is one of the most popular design choices for Australian households these days.

An industrial kitchen embraces the idea of open and free-flow spaces which is an ideal fit for the way many of us live.

The origins of this particular style are in the United States during the 1950s when old factories were converted into housing. The industrial kitchen retained many of the features you’d find in a factory as well as loft-style living.

The good news is that it’s possible to achieve the industrial style kitchen look without living in an old warehouse.

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Industrial Kitchen Design Features

There are some key design elements you can draw on to create an industrial style kitchen.

Here are some ideas to consider that will help you create that industrial kitchen look:

  • Brick, wood and metal –  these three materials are classic industrial design elements. It may not be practical, possible or even necessary to include all three in your industrial kitchen design but you may want to give a nod to one or two of them. Exposed brick walls for example is not an option for everyone, but exposed timber beams or accents may be more achievable. Metal can be incorporated in many ways in an industrial style kitchen. From stainless steel appliances, to benchtops and splashbacks, you can take your pick which industrial type materials to incorporate and how. Metal stools and cabinetry hardware can also help create an industrial look.
  • Out in the open – industrial style kitchens are known for having everything in plain view. At one end of the extreme, original industrial kitchens may have everything from water pipes to electrical conduits on show. This may not be to your taste or possible in your industrial kitchen design, but there are other ways you can incorporate this design feature. Open shelving is a simple way of giving you that industrial look without a huge investment.
  • Blast from the past – industrial kitchens often have retro or vintage elements that hint at an ‘industrial’ past. Iconic Tolix stools are a great example of industrial kitchen styling. Retro-style light fittings or distressed and worn timber are other ways to create an industrial feel in your kitchen design.

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