Where Art and Architecture Converge

For many architects, the most creative days of their professional journey occur during university. At this stage of their career, they’re encouraged to experiment, take chances and build upon the ideas of the greats who came before them. But once they’ve graduated, most of these professionals find that their creativity is almost immediately stifled.

This was the experience of Anne Dérian after working for various architectural firms in Paris. Her early forays into professional architecture left her feeling betrayed – that is, until she saw the work of mosaicist Mathilde Jonquière.

In Dérian’s own words, she had never thought of mosaics as works of art. “For me, they had always been handicrafts for children and seniors,” she said. But the work of Jonquière changed her view – and her career – forever. “I realised what possibilities the medium held and right away took two weeks off to attend a course in which I learned the technique.”

Working from her studio in Berlin, Dérian now crafts beautifully detailed mosaics for homes and other properties across Europe. She drafts her creations through the use of computer-aided design (CAD), cuts the mosaic pieces herself and collaborates with a tiler to install them. These are handmade art installations – wholly unique and utterly inspiring.

You can see samples of Dérian’s work in this Houzz article. And if you’d like to beautify your own property with a mosaic installation like this, Eco Cabinets can help make this happen. Contact us today to learn more.