Can’t Wait to Get My Hands on This – The Possibilities are So Exciting!

In this short video (it’s just 3 minutes long), renowned British designer Max Lamb discusses the twelve benches he recently made for Kvadrat, one of the leading manufacturers of design textiles in Europe. Along with Lamb’s renowned design expertise that has made him one of the most exciting young designers in the world, what’s so exciting about these striking benches is that they’re made in Solid Textile Board – a building material made entirely of textile waste.
These new benches designed by Lamb, who’s made a name for himself by combining traditional design methods with digital design, are part of an exciting new initiative by Kvadrat to promote the upcycling of end-of-life textiles into innovative new materials for use in architecture and design.

Solid Textile Board is the company’s first collection of this nature, one which responds to the urgent issue of waste across the globe, an issue which will continue to increase in urgency unless we look for innovative new ways to upcycle waste and manufacturing by-products into usable products. STB is a pioneering product that will revolutionise the way companies across the world view waste as it will enable them to upcycle and profit from waste, thus reducing their manufacturing overheads.

This revolutionary product is the transformation of end-of-life cotton and wool textiles sourced from households, the fashion and textile industries, as well as Kvadrat which contributed cut-offs, into a high-quality material that can be used for a broad application range – the possibilities are nothing shy of exciting!