Traditional Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bathrooms, you essentially have an endless array of possibilities. Still, there is nothing like the look and feel of a traditional bathroom, one that exudes simplicity yet is very elegant. A traditional bathroom design adds unmistakable character to your house that you wouldn’t find in a modern bathroom. This design style is also a must-have for historical and heritage properties.

Choosing the right colour scheme for a traditional bathroom may seem overwhelming at first especially if you are considering all the different colour options from specific historical eras. If you want to streamline your decision-making and want a scheme that won’t date for many years, it’s a good idea to lean towards monochromatic colour palettes like neutrals, blacks and whites. The trick here is to find a colour scheme that matches with the rest of your house, while introducing hints of colour here and there for more character.

When choosing fixtures for your traditional bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a freestanding bathtub, if you have the room for it. Roll top and claw foot baths bring that vintage look to your traditional bathroom. A freestanding bath can make a real statement, enabling you to keep the rest of your design features minimal.

You should also consider traditional style tapware, shower rails and towel rails. Lever handle taps are popular in traditional bathroom design, as are brass and copper fixtures. A washstand vanity with an above counter sink is also a typical feature you may see in a traditional bathroom.

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Bring Your Traditional Bathroom to Life

Renovating or creating a traditional bathroom takes a lot of planning, design and execution, all of which need to be done right to ensure the best results and value for money.

At ecocabinets, we understand that your renovation is an important investment, so we make it a mission to help you create your dream bathroom.

Our team of designers will help you design a traditional bathroom that meets all of your requirements. We will take into consideration your personal style, and how you and others in your house use the space, as well as your budget.

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