bathroom refresh?

bathroom renovations need to be done properly, so have ecocabinets, your bathroom reno specialists, handle the whole process right.  here’s what domain has to say about it and some realistic numbers, too.  check our portfolio ( and then give us a call:

Neolith and Dekton

Domus is talking about it. you can have it. Contact us about Neolith for your next benchtop, precision waterjet cut. no more scratches, no more heat damage, no more yearly maintenance. and Silestone, the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered stone, has developed a revolutionary cladding and benchtop material, called Dekton. talk to us about Read More …

Where Art and Architecture Converge

For many architects, the most creative days of their professional journey occur during university. At this stage of their career, they’re encouraged to experiment, take chances and build upon the ideas of the greats who came before them. But once they’ve graduated, most of these professionals find that their creativity is almost immediately stifled. This Read More …

beautiful recycling

The amount of plastic waste produced in the modern era is staggering, yet innovators across the globe, like leading design studios bureau SLA and Overtrades W, remind us that the waste our lives produce needn’t end up in landfills where it poisons water supplies or accumulates in such great quantities that it forms floating islands Read More …

english as she is (not) spoke (anymore)

this article has nothing to do with ecocabinets and things sustainable, although the point could be made that preserving proper english is an exercise in sustainability (tenuous point, i agree).  i am just posting it as i find it entertaining and interesting: