Wind Is Getting Better All the Time

While Australian politicians argue over the merits of ‘clean coal’ and South Australia is subjected to yet another extensive blackout as the state’s renewable energy providers fail to meet peak demand, in other parts of the world they’re producing more clean energy than they seem to know what to do with. In Denmark, a 720-foot-tall wind turbine with massive 35-ton blades has just set a remarkable world record by producing an amazing 216,000 kWh of energy over a 24-hour period.

Wind turbines have been hailed as the energy source of the future by many environmentalists, energy producers and politicians, but so far, the results have failed to materialise and there’s been quite a backlash against their implementation in many parts of the world, including Australia. By converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical power which is then converted into electricity for use in homes and businesses, wind turbines are an excellent source of clean, renewable energy. Nevertheless, it’s countries with already low carbon footprints, like Denmark, that are leading the way in offshore wind power.

This article, ‘Denmark’s Monster Wind Turbine Just Smashed the 24-Hour Record for Energy Production’, shows us just how powerful the potential for wind power is and why countries with expansive shorelines and coastal waters, like Australia, should be stepping up implementation rather than arguing about our energy woes and who’s to blame. Furthermore, it shows us just how amazing renewable energy technology is at present and what we’ve got to look forward to in the future!


while australia is investing in “clean” coal