Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are an important design aspect of your kitchen for functional and aesthetic reasons. They are used in key areas that are susceptible to food or other stains and splashes. They are also easy to clean so provide sanitary benefits.

When you work with ecocabinets to design your kitchen space, we can help you decide which tiles will work best for you. We will consider quality, functionality, design, and budget to ensure you get the right tiles to bring your kitchen to life.

Whether you want kitchen tiles that are completely unique or you have a particular style in mind, we will source the right products for you.

Choosing Your Kitchen Tiles

You will quickly find there is a lot of choice when it comes to kitchen tiles. Shape, material, and colour are just the beginning. How the tiles are laid can have a significant impact on design but also budget. For example, complicated design patterns such as herringbone, smaller tiles, and shapes such as penny tiles, can take more time and money to be laid.  

Ecocabinets will work with you to find the right balance between design, functionality, and budget.

Types of Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles can be made out of different materials which generally fall under the categories of natural stone and man-made.

Natural Stone

Natural stone includes products such as marble, limestone, granite, and travertine. They are often prized for their aesthetic appeal but come with a higher price tag. Natural stone also has additional care requirements that need to be followed to avoid staining and damage.

Natural stone finishes include polished tile and honed finishes, as well as other options.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic kitchen tiles work well for walls and withstand wear and tear well. They don’t need sealing and are easy to clean.

Porcelain tiles are very hard wearing due to the manufacturing process they undergo. Like ceramic tiles, they are perfect for kitchen walls and splashbacks and are generally more affordable than natural stone tiles.

Glass Tiles

You will most often find glass tiles featured in mosaics. Many homeowners choose to use them to add extra sparkle, bling or a feature section on their kitchen walls.

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