Kitchen Fitments

Beautifully designed kitchen cabinets go beyond aesthetics and rely on the right kitchen fitments.

To make the most of your kitchen space, and ensure it looks its best,  your cabinetry needs to incorporate clever storage solutions and provide easy access to what you need.

With high-quality kitchen fitments, your cabinets will operate smoothly and store everything from pantry items, utensils, and pots and pans in a way that makes sense.   

ecocabinets will work closely with you to ensure your cabinets and kitchen fitments are customised specifically for your lifestyle and needs.

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Tall & Overhead Cabinets

Your kitchen design will maximise the space available in each cabinet, regardless of size and positioning. With tall and overhead cabinets, we will look for opportunities to use all of the available space, while maximising accessibility.

Options for kitchen fitments may include installing a carousel to use corner spaces to full height. Cupboard accessories such as rails and racks can be incorporated to manage and keep awkward objects such as brooms tidy.

Spice racks or other shelving can be installed on the interior of tall cabinets to use a space that otherwise would be overlooked.

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Corner Cabinets

The corner cabinet has a reputation for being one of the hardest to access spaces, with items stored at the furthest reaches often being forgotten or hard to find.

With the right kitchen fitments, you can transform a corner cabinet into one of the most useful spaces and storage solutions.

Le Mans corner cabinetry is a vastly superior product to regular corner cabinets. It is the only system that allows the whole shelf to be removed from the cabinet thus giving you access to every item without the to get down on your knees and/or crawl in to the space.

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Base Cabinets

Some of the most popular kitchen fitments for base cabinets include pull out compartments that can be used for everything from garbage and recyclables to keeping kitchen chemicals away from tiny hands.

Small or slim cabinets can be converted to pull out drawers or cupboards for spices, condiments, and other pantry items.

Kitchen fitments can even add multi-purposes to your base cabinets with pull-out tables, chopping boards, and prep space.

To find out more about kitchen fitments for your cabinetry, contact us today.

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