Kitchen Drawers

At ecocabinets we will work with you to design the right kitchen drawers for your kitchen space.

Above all, we will design and create kitchen drawers that aren’t just beautiful but also highly functional.

With our extensive industry and cabinetry experience, we can advise on everything from the latest design trends to ingenious storage solutions. In terms of finish, colour and materials, the options are endless.

Why Kitchen Drawers

Many of our clients opt for kitchen drawers over cabinets particularly for under bench storage.

Kitchen drawers are often the preferred option for storing a lot of pots, pans, cooking utensils, crockery and other items such as small appliances.

Generally speaking, kitchen drawers provide more useable space than traditional cabinets and since they can be extended right out, it makes it easier to reach items stored at the back.

Kitchen drawers are also easier to organise as when the drawer is open you can clearly see every item available to you. You can also compartmentalise the space with built-in sections, or by using trays and other dividers.

Types of Kitchen Drawers

When you are selecting your kitchen drawers there are a few options to consider such as the type of drawer. Here are just some of those options:

  • Soft-closing kitchen drawers – these types of drawers gently slide closed with the smallest of closing action. The drawer closes in a controlled manner, which means no more slammed drawers.
  • The bin drawer – this is an option often requested in modern kitchens, as it negates the need to flip or open a bin lid to dispose of items and is usually less messy than traditional bins.
  • Multi-level kitchen drawers – these types of drawers expand in sections to reveal items stored at different levels. It is a great option for storing items such as cutlery and utensils.


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