Custom Kitchen Design

The kitchen, now more than ever, is the hub of the house, the place we spend the majority of our time awake, where we meet and interact with our loved ones and our friends, where we create, we get inspired and yes, where we need to clean and tidy up, too. In an area of such intensive use, it is important to achieve a design that takes your lifestyle, needs and wishes into account. You only get one chance to locate your appliances correctly and get the optimal layout for YOU. ecocabinets listens to your needs and draws on years of experience to design your kitchen right. We can help from first concept right through to the final tile being laid and because ecocabinets custom design every kitchen individually, you will achieve a unique and exclusive product optimised for your space, your taste and your budget.

Let ecocabinets help you look after your successful project with tailored suggestions for a comprehensive range of high quality, practical and space saving fittings and appliances as well as supplying many at wholesale prices. We are also more than happy to explain and supply options for benchtops, corner cabinetry solutions, pullouts, splashbacks, sinks and much more.

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